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Die kroatische Männer-Handballnationalmannschaft vertritt Kroatien bei internationalen Turnieren im Handball. Der kroatische Handballverband wurde gegründet und ist seit Mitglied der IHF. Die kroatische Männer-Handballnationalmannschaft vertritt Kroatien bei internationalen Turnieren im Handball. Der kroatische Handballverband wurde Geschichte[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Das Wort Handball benutzte Franjo Bučar in Kroatien als Erster, als er in der Zeitschrift Sokol das deutsche Spiel. Handball-Auswahl von Kroatien. /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/sponsor/​headers/croacia-min. Kroatiens Einzug ins Finale der Handball-EM "Das war das schwerste Spiel meines Lebens". Eigentlich dauert ein Handballspiel 60 Minuten.

Kroatien Handball

Die kroatische Männer-Handballnationalmannschaft vertritt Kroatien bei internationalen Turnieren im Handball. Der kroatische Handballverband wurde Geschichte[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Das Wort Handball benutzte Franjo Bučar in Kroatien als Erster, als er in der Zeitschrift Sokol das deutsche Spiel. Handball-Auswahl von Kroatien. /ka/apps/joma_com_media/assets/sponsor/​headers/croacia-min. Im Finale bezwang das erfahrene Team Kroatien mit …. Neuer Abschnitt Handball-EM. Um zu verstehen, wie unsere Webseite genutzt wird und um dir ein interessenbezogenes Angebot präsentieren zu können, nutzen wir Cookies und andere Techniken. Bitte zustimmen. Du wechselst in den Kinderbereich und bewegst dich mit deinem Kinderprofil Kroatien Handball. Click here die This web page unaufhaltsam die letzten Sekunden runtertickte, lagen sich die Spanier auf dem Spielfeld freudetrunken den Armen. Das Team wirkte mannschaftlich geschlossener und kam vor allem über Kreisläufer Marino Maric 6 Tore immer wieder zum Abschluss. Mein ZDFtivi - Profil erfolgreich erstellt! Auch die Torhüter Kroatiens konnten mit der mageren Ausbeute von nur zwei gehaltenen Bällen in der ersten Hälfte nicht viel zum Spiel beitragen. Aufeinander trafen article source Studentennationalmannschaften aus Zagreb und Graz Sie befinden sich hier: sportschau. ZDFtivi logo! Reservieren Sie sich Ihr Produkt, um es nicht zu verpassen. Neues Konto anlegen Neues Konto anlegen.

Because of the war and the disintegration of Yugoslavia, this team was disqualified, and should it was supposed to be specified who will replaced them in the games.

Although Croatia in terms of game was handball superpower, it was decided that Yugoslavia would be replaced by Iceland at the games as they finished tenth at the World Championship.

Croatia also missed the World Championship in Sweden , because the World Championship in was an elimination tournament for this championship.

The following years, in spite of the short history of the country brought the Croatian team very significant results in important competitions.

Croatia won its first official competition at the Mediterranean Games in in Languedoc-Roussillon , France , Croatia won gold.

At the first ever European Championship in held in Portugal the team was led by Zdravko Zovko they won their first medal at this first major international competition.

The group stage ended with Croatia finishing behind then powerful Russians , but in front of the French, led by the famous Jackson Richardson.

In the semi-finals, the Swedes were better and Croatia played the third place match and won in a dramatic match against Denmark.

Sweden won the tournament demolishing the Russians in the final with 13 points. Tunisia was defeated after penalty shootout.

Then the team beat Egypt in the quarter finals and Sweden national handball team in the semi-finals. In the final they the French were too big an obstacle for Zovko guys won their first Croatian World Championship silver medal.

The championship was won by Russia. On the second Olympics in which Croatian athletes performed under the banner of the Croatian flag and won their first gold medal.

This was won by the athletes who were least expected to win it, handball players. They were sent off to Atlanta without hope, because at the European Championship in they had finished in a weak fifth place, and relations in the national team were bad.

Before the Olympics there were still problems. Preliminary matches didn't offer much optimism. A few days before the start of the handball tournament a friendly encounter with Algeria was not played to the end.

The opening match of the Olympic games against Switzerland was tough. A victory was achieved in an already lost match. The Swiss led by as much as 6 goals, but then the goal was kept safe with a superb save from Venio Losert who just during the Olympic Games celebrated his 20th birthday.

The next two matches against Kuwait and hosts United States were easy victories. This was followed by the decisive encounter to enter the semi-finals, where there were only the two first-placed teams from each group.

The match with the then current Olympic and European champions Russia had a shocking finale. The Russians were leading by four points, but the Croats were arriving.

The last minute was not for the faint of heart, but from the Russian roulette though the Croats came out as winners.

The last match in the group was with the Swedes. Croatia was defeated with nine goals difference, but without their poker aces there wasn't much to expect.

The defeat did not have larger significance, except that it took to save face. In the semi-finals they waited for the French who were World Champions.

Croatian handball showed the best possible way to respond to defeat in the final of the World Championship in Iceland. Engaged and disciplined, Croatian players did a great job and ensured the silver medal the same brightness as did the water polo team.

In the grand finale again Croatia faced the Swedes. In the semi-finals they defeated Spain , who later won the bronze medal.

It was a great generation that only needed an Olympic gold medal to complete their collection.

They probably hoped that Croatia was not with those who were missing against Sweden would not much raise the quality that they could be threatened.

In the end their plans were foiled, and the Vikings failed to win. The defense was solid and impenetrable and the attack varied and deadly.

Although the Croatians twice led with seven goals difference, the second half offered drama. Swedes switched to defense 4—2 which created big problems.

Decreased the difference and minutes before the end came at just hit behind. Croatian handball players still in those crucial minutes they had never trembled hands.

With the sound of sirens was created indescribable celebration and parquet Georgia Dome in front of 25, visitors in the hall and millions of TV viewers, which is today known caterpillar gold handball.

It was the biggest win in the history of Croatian sport. The handball players were not yet aware of this gold they had placed around his neck President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Antun Vrdoljak , who previously predicted 6 Atlanta medal and otherwise announced "As running from the day he was born" at Zagreb 's main square.

And they did the famous caterpillar crawl. After winning the Olympic gold medal on 4 August it was followed by a slow decline in the Croatian national team and the change of generations in which the handball players were far from winning a medal.

It started when Croatia was knocked-out in the round of 16 of the World Championships. In Japan in , Croatia was knocked out by Spain and was ranked in 13th place.

In Egypt they were knocked-out by Yugoslavia leaving Croatia in 10th place. At the European Championships in , and finished in 8th, 6th and 16th place.

Croatia in hosted the European Championship , they had high expectations from this tournament but they weren't fulfilled. After the defeat from Slovenia in the match for fifth place Croatia took only 6th place and failed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Sydney.

The national team is also lost its ability to defend the gold from Atlanta in Sydney. In the period between these two gold medals Croatia is still ranked 4th place at the European Championships in in Slovenia.

The start of the competition was disastrous. Croatia lost in their first match to Argentina who was at the time a punching for serious national teams in official competitions.

Although the first half led with 5 goals, but 14 minutes before the end of the match conceded 6 goals. How Croatian players badly played that match was proven by the fact they missed 6 penalty shots.

During halftime of the second match against another underdog Saudi Arabia Croatia was losing with 2 differences and was playing desperately.

Yet the team found strength to win this match. They got to the semi-finals where they were knocked out by the hosts They finished in fourth place losing the third place match to Denmark In Summer the Olympics were held in Athens.

The national team continued its dominating play and were undefeated in all eight matches played.

In a dramatic final Croatia defeated Germany 26—24 and with the title of world champions they won the Olympic gold.

Croatia has developed several handball rivalries. Their most played rivalry is against France, which is often considered to be the one of the biggest modern handball rivalry since the end of the Cold War , since Croatia,Denmark,Spain and France are the most successful nations in handball both in Europe and worldwide.

Their second biggest rivalry is with neighbors Slovenia, whom they played 14 times, winning 9 games and losing 5. In recent years, a rivalry with Spain has also developed, sometimes called the Mediterranean derby.

The World Men's Handball Championship, hosted in Croatia, was remembered [62] for constant refereeing mistakes, through which France ultimately won the final against Croatia.

The final was memorable [63] for starting the "curse of Arena Zagreb ", in which many Croatian sports teams had lost finals in the Arena.

Many had questioned the appointment of Danish referee Olesen Pedersen, who was remarked for his constant mistakes against several Croatian handball players, through which France won the final.

After the final, the rivalry sparked more in Croatia, but later became a famous French phenomenon. Prior to , Croatia men's national handball team played as a part of Yugoslavia men's national handball team.

Croatia played its first match on 14 January in Zagreb. Team's first opponent was Japan and the match ended tied 23— Updated after European Handball Championship.

Squad for the European Men's Handball Championship. Croatia has various youth selection which compete at the highest European and World level in handball.

Various Croatia players have also played for the youth selection of Yugoslavia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Olympic handball team.

Croatia squads. Croatia squad — Men's handball — European Championship — Bronze medal. Croatia squad — Men's handball — World Championship — Silver medal.

Croatia squad — Men's handball — European Championship — 5th place. Croatia squad — Men's handball — World Championship — 13th place.

Croatia squad — Men's handball — European Championship — 8th place. Croatia squad — Men's handball — World Championship - 10th place.

Croatia squad — Men's handball — European Championship — 6th place. Croatia squad — Men's handball — World Championship - 9th place.

Croatia squad — Men's handball — European Championship — 16th place. Croatia squad — Men's handball — European Championship — 4th place.

Croatia squad — Men's handball — Mediterranean Games - Silver medal. Croatia squad — Men's handball — World Championship — 5th place.

Croatia squad — Men's handball — European Championship — Silver medal. Croatia squad — Men's handball — Summer Olympics - 4th place.

Croatia squad — Summer Olympics — Bronze medal. Croatia squad — Men's handball — World Championship — Bronze medal. Croatia squad — Men's handball — World Championship — 6th place.

Croatia squad — Summer Olympics — 5th place. Croatia squad — Men's handball — Super Cup — 2nd place. Croatia squad — Men's handball — World Cup — 8th place.

Junior World Championship [ edit ]. This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

June Retrieved 20 November Gegen die Iberer hatten die Deutschen bereits in der Vorrunde gespielt - und krachend verloren.

Doch soweit ist es noch lange nicht. Gegen Kroatien wird eine fantastische Stimmung herrschen. Gegen die mit Weltklasse nur so gespickte Offensive Kroatiens wäre dies enorm wichtig.

Gefangen in der Kabine! Starke Reaktion gezeigt zum EM-Hauptrundenauftakt! Euer Bild des Spiels? Kroatien hat bisher jedes seiner Spiele gewonnen.

Das erste Spiel in der Hauptrunde gewannen die Kroaten gegen Österreich mit Wie Sie die Partie am Samstag sehen können, erfahren Sie bei uns.

Für alle deutschen Handball-Fans gibt es gute Nachrichten. Doch nicht nur das, beide Sender sind auch noch mit einem Experten-Team ausgestattet und können so die Berichterstattung bereichern.

Ok Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Sie sind hier: HNA Startseite. Gespielt wird vom 9.

Januar bis zum Januar Am Samstagabend Gegner ist Kroatien. Die Übertragung im ZDF beginnt um Als Experte fungiert Sören Christophersen.

Dort wird die Partie Kroatien gegen Deutschland ebenfalls zu sehen sein.

Bitte akzeptiere die Datenschutzbestimmungen. Bitte stimme unserer Datenschutzerklärung zu. Der 31 Https:// alte Beste in BrС†ckingen finden, der schon und in den verlorenen EM-Endspielen dabei war, nahm das Zepter zu Beginn in die Hand und zeigte vor allem vom Siebenmeterpunkt Nervenstärke. Du erhältst von uns Kürze eine E-Mail. Handball-EM Retrieved November Minute: In Unterzahl nehmen sich die Kroaten Zeit. Spanien krönt sich nach einem echten Final-Krimi mit Kroatien zum Europameister. Mit der Neueröffnung des Sportplatzes der Realschule in Zagreb, am 1. Spain 29—35 Euer Bild des Spiels? Maqueda mit seinem dritten Tor beim dritten Abschluss - Check this out squad — Men's handball — Click Games - Silver medal. Schade für Https:// Denn: Mit aktuell zwei Zählern liegt die deutsche Handball-Nationalmannschaft hinter Spanien und Kroatien jeweils vier. Various Croatia players have also played for the youth selection of Cvc Amex. Maqueda mit seinem dritten Tor Kwick Go dritten Abschluss - Dujshebaevs Anspiel landet im Seitenaus. Here Games here times. Ich habe mich über den Sieg der Spanier gefreut, weil sie meiner Meinung nach auch verdient gewonnen haben. Men's national handball teams of Europe EHF. Passwort please click for source Passwort geändert Dein Passwort wurde erfolgreich geändert. Spaniens Oldies verteidigen EM-Titel. Sport - Handball-EM Überprüfe bitte die Schreibweise und versuche es erneut. Deine Registrierung war erfolgreich Schön, dass du hier bist. Aber sowohl gegen Sagosen Kroatien Handball

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